Removal of the Fog Light/Trunk Switch Bezel

The Fog Light / Trunk Switch is simple to remove with a flat small, thin flat screwdriver. Stick a small screwdriver in the bottom of the Fog/Trunk Light Switch and simply pry forward and it will pop out

Being careful not to scratch the interior, simply place the blade of the flat screwdriver under the bezel of the Fog Light/Trunk light (there is a small opening at the bottom center of the switch/bezel).

Pull gently out of its orafice

Remove the plug from the rear of the Fog Light/Trunk Switch

Remove the plug from the rear of the switch.

If you are having trouble…DON’T FORCE ANYTHING…CALL ME and I’ll walk you through whatever needs to be done.


***We are not responsible for any damage that is caused or that you may have caused to your vehicle.***

These instructions are only a general guide for removal of parts from your vehicle. Your car may have different removal instructions