1)1. With the door open, remove the small plastic cap located behind inside door handle and remove the two
Torx screws.

2)2. Use a small flat0 blade screwdriver to remove the oval bezel behind the inside door handle, then remove the 2 #30 TORX screws.

3)3. With a small flat tip screwdriver, pry out the door reflector from the bottom. 

4)4. Pry up and out the window/lock control panel from the inside door handle. Remove the wiring plug from the back of the window/lock panel. (Driver’s Side is pried up from the rear of the door switch, and the Passenger side is pried up from the front of the door switch) ****See door switch removal instructions****

5. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the oval bezel behind the inside door handle.

6. Use 2 large flat tip screwdrivers, 2 dinner knives, or a pry tool that looks like a two prong fork (available at any automotive parts store) to pop out the plastic pins that hold the door panel onto the door frame. Insert the tool (or screwdriver) near each pin and between the door panel and the door and pry the door panel out. If you break a pin, dont worry, most auto parts stores carry them.  If you use dinner knives, slide one to the lower back corner of the door and slide the knife sideways until you feel a pin.  Take the other dinner knife and come in from the other side of the pin and SLOWLY pull the door panel towards you (detaching it from the door).  Slide over or up to the next one and perform the same activity to remove the next pin, and so forth, until all pins are SLOWLY removed. 

7. Lift the door panel up and out. Make sure any wiring connectors dont get hung up as you remove the door panel.

7. Locate a small black box with three wiring connectors. The black box is next to the stereo speakers. Remove the two torx screws that hold it in place

9. Re-assemble in reverse order.




***We are not responsible for any damage that is caused or that you may have caused to your vehicle.***


These instructions are only a general guide for removal of parts from your vehicle. Your car may have different removal instructions