Removing the Door Switches is very easy and will only take a couple of moments.

Driver’s Side Door Switch Removal.

Using a thin, small flat screwdriver, carefully pry up on the REAR of the door switch until it pops up a small amount. The front of the driver’s door switch has a tab so do not lift up much. Instead, pull backwards towards the rear of the car once you have pryed the back up enough to lift the rear out of its orafice. Slide it backwards slowly and it will pop right out in your hand.

Remove the plug from the rear of the switch.

Passenger Door Switch Removal.

The Passenger Door Switch comes out similar to the Driver’s side EXCEPT it is done in reverse.

Carefully pry up on the FRONT of the Passenger door switch (closest to the dashboard) until it pops up. Again, there is a tab so do not pull up on the door switch, simply pull it forward (toward the dashboard) and it will slide out of its orafice.

Remove the plug from the rear of the switch.

If you are having trouble…DON’T FORCE ANYTHING…CALL ME and I’ll walk you through whatever needs to be done.



***We are not responsible for any damage that is caused or that you may have caused to your vehicle.***

These instructions are only a general guide for removal of parts from your vehicle. Your car may have different removal instructions