Here are step by step instructions to remove your A/C or Factory Radio Tape or CD Player.

You will need the following tools:
#15 torx bit
Flat Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Ratchet or Nut Driver and these sockets or Nut Driver sizes
10mm socket or nut driver
7mm socket or nut driver
about 20 minutes/

1)  First you must remove the 4 screws in the waterfall between the seats. 
     This will consist of (2) 7mm hex screws and (2) #15 torx screws
     Remove the waterfall and put it up whereas not to scratch it.

2)  Then open up the armrest between the two seats and remove the two plastic caps at    the back of the armrest.
    These caps are hiding the two 10 mm nuts. Remove the nuts and put them with the other screws.

3)  Next lift firmly up on the traction control bezel (it just pops up) and remove the wire(s) connected to it.

Put the bezel aside.

4)  From where you removed the traction control you will notice another plug underneath the bezel   connected to a lighter looking device at the front of your armrest. Unplug it.

5)  Next to the plug that you just removed, you will find 2 more silver nuts holding the front of the armrest down.
Remove the two nuts and put them with the other nuts and screws.

We’re about halfway home now!

6) Slide the armrest back but understand that there is still a wire connected that you can or don’t have to remove.
It goes to the gas door. It’s pretty easy to remove but not completely necessary.
If you don’t remove it then simply slide the armrest back as far as the wire will let you and leave it.

If you DO decide to remove it, then remove the plug by pressing the tab in the center of the plug. You can now remove the entire armrest

Now we are going to move to the radio bezel.

7) Open the ashtray door and remove the ashtray. Behind it you will find a 7mm hex screw. Remove it. There is a #15 torx screw about an inch or 2 to the left of that screw. Remove that also.

8) Immediately to the left of the ignition switch you will see a small bezel with a grill. Pry it out from the bottom slowly and the plastic bezel will pop right out and expose a phillips head screw. Remove the screw.

Now we are going to remove the radio bezel.

9) Pull the emergency brake handle up. (you will move this up and down as you need to)

If you have the luxury of inserting your key in the ignition and turning it to “ON” (not starting the engine) and removing the key do that now. (mine can do that). If you can’t then just leave the keys in the ignition.
Step on the brake pedal and move the shifter to 1st gear (auto) or whatever gear is furthest away from the dashboard (on a manual transmission)

It’s time to remove the bezel completely

****Above the radio are 2 tabs that face in to the dash (you can’t see them until you remove the bezel). Be cautious of them. (Don’t force them or they will break). This is just me letting you know what to look out for!****

10) Now Slide the radio bezel slowly back and begin to lift the rear of the bezel. You will actually be lightly pressing down on the bezel also at the top of the radio where the tabs are. The part of the bezel that is around the ignition switch will start to move nicely also. Slide the entire piece back and over the shifter. (SHIFTER DOES NOT COME OUT)
At this time, you will need to reach your hand around the back of the radio bezel and disconnect the plug from the back of the lighter (The lighter is located to the left of where the ashtray was.  The plug is on the backside of the lighter on the back side of the radio bezel).
This plug has 2 clips that hold it to the back of the lighter.  Just pull slightly on each side tab and pull the plug off of the lighter housing.
The bezel just covers it.
The bezel has now been removed. Put it aside whereas not to scratch it

 There are 2 screws holding the A/C Climate Control in.

       Remove the two screws and remove the big plug in the back of the A/C Climate Control.

Just pinch the plug and it will come out. It may take a little wiggling but it WILL come out!!

The radio removal is exactly the same procedure except you need to remove the antenna and a couple of plugs from the rear of the radio.
12)  Wrap that little devil up nicely and send it to me with directions to EXACTLY what you want to have done to it.

Send the unit to:

Dave Inkeles
11790 Wildwood Springs Drive
Roswell, Ga 30075

I wrote these directions as if I were talking to a 5 year old and many of the details are a little drawn out.
The entire removal should take 20-30 minutes for a novice if you follow these directions fully.
If you are having trouble…DON’T FORCE ANYTHING…CALL ME and I’ll walk you through whatever needs to be done.

Best Regards



***We are not responsible for any damage that is caused or that you may have caused to your vehicle.***

These instructions are only a general guide for removal of parts from your vehicle. Your car may have different removal instructions